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Welcome to the world of the European Youth Parliament Poland - an independent and non-partisan organisation established in 1987. As a leading platform for political debate, education, and cultural exchange, EYP Poland excellently prepares the younger generation for active participation in shaping the future of Europe and engaging in social and political life across the continent.

Mission for active citizenship

EYP Poland aims to inspire and empower the younger generation, creating conscious, open-minded, responsible, and active citizens. Cooperating with us means engaging in a mission to shape society through education and action, providing a solid foundation for Partners who share similar values.

Global reach and intercultural diversity

As part of the international European Youth Parliament network, EYP Poland attracts young people from different corners of Europe. Partnering with us opens doors to a global community, allowing for building relationships with individuals of various cultural and social backgrounds. It's a unique opportunity to develop an international presence.

Values of independence and democracy

EYP Poland is an independent organisation, not affiliated with any political institutions. Our principles are based on democratic values, openness, participation, and consensus. Partnering with us means joining a community that values independence of thought and action.

Proven effectiveness

Our comprehensive program of parliamentary session simulations has already inspired 200,000 young people to actively participate in society. Collaborating with EYP Poland means partnering with an organisation that has a documented impact on the development of younger generations, contributing to both their personal and professional growth.

Trusted by top companies worldwide for successful collaborations

Trusted by top companies worldwide for successful collaborations

We highly value cooperation with the European Youth Parliament because our missions are similar. We want to include the voices of young people in discussions about issues that are important to them at the local, national, and European levels. We also know how many benefits come from integration into a diverse, international group, and we are happy to support such activities!

Ważne Sprawy

NGO, supports active citizenship

As a foundation supporting public benefit activities, including educational activities, we greatly value our cooperation with the European Youth Parliament. We believe that the activities undertaken by the organisation contribute to increasing the skills and academic competences of participants of EYP events. We are delighted that an organisation run by young people operates dynamically and supports such an important sector as education and civic education.

ARP Foundation

Supports public initiatives


IFS Polska

IT provider for businesses

I fully support the activities of the European Youth Parliament in Poland. EYP does excellent work in promoting European values ​​and educating young people.

By participating in their events, young people from all over Poland and Europe can integrate multiculturally and engage in international dialogue. As a Member of the European Parliament, I am thrilled to observe and support the activities carried out by EYP Poland.

Róża Thun

Former Member of

the European Parliament

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